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Welcome to the website of Monozukuri Consulting GmbH!

Our consultancy to companies in Germany and other European countries focuses on the holistic approach of the Toyota Production System (TPS), a knowledge-enriching, organic system based on the principle that human capabilities are central for the development of dynamic, high-quality and low-waste value creation.

Find out more about this under Concept and Philosophy.

How we do this in concrete terms is described under Content.



New Address:
Please note our new address!

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In January 2018 we are holding a seminar on the theme of “Frontloading”, which will include a visit to a best-practice company (1 day theory, 1 day practice). Once again, participation is possible by invitation only. For more information, please address inquiries to:
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In February 2017 the latest article in the series "QiP - Qualität im Prozess” [“QiP – quality in process”] by Claudia Romberg appeared in YOKOTEN magazine. The theme this time is “Qualität im Prozess und Frontloading: Der Prozessbegriff geht weit über die reine Produktion hinaus” [“Quality in process and frontloading: The process concept goes far beyond pure production”] You can read the whole article (in German) online at:

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The second part of Mari Furukawa-Caspary’s successful book Lean auf gut Deutsch [Lean in plain German] was published in June 2017. This volume deals with target-setting and just-in-time. The book is available (in German) on Amazon as an e-book.

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Mari Furukawa-Caspary has translated a Toyota standard reference work on employee development: “Toyotas Geheimrezepte für die Mitarbeiterentwicklung” [“Toyota’s secret formulas for employee development”]. It was published in Japan by OJT Solutions and in Germany by CETPM Publishing (05/2017). It is available on Amazon.

Monozukuri Consulting GmbH
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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